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27-Jan-2018 16:39

Aside from driver issues here or there, wrangling with old hardware, or other unforeseen problems the vast majority of consumers will enjoy a pretty smooth experience.The biggest problems typically crop up, however, when consumers fail to perform some basic house keeping before they upgrade.Hi All, Just wondering what is the recommended process for upgrading our Win10 OS layer with the Anniversary update?We're not in full production yet, so would be good to have this done now rather than later.Share Point updates should not be installed via MU/WU as they require manual intervention post-installation through the Config Wizard. CUs generally require more testing on your part, though. CUs include all updates between the previous Service Pack (and/or RTM) and the current month, including the security update.The status says "An MSI install operation is in progress - please check the IM".

Until now we haven't forced the install but I'm thinking about changing the group policy to enforce updates nightly.

I'm under the pump from our project team & CIO here to get Uni Desk into production, so currently looking like we'll stick with our 1511 build for further pilot/production rollout & deal with the 1607 update once things get more stable/supported.

I attempted to update our Windows 10 OS Layer to 1607 today and the upgrade itself went well but I'm stuck at trying to Finalize the layer.

Cheers Anniversary Edition is another name for Redstone.

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As long as you're upgraded to Unidesk 2.9.6, you can upgrade your OS layer to Redstone normally as an OS update.If you have general questions about Windows 10, be sure to check out our article The Windows 10 FAQ: Everything You Need to Know.