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Joseph’s College in Bangalore, Krishnan completed her MSW (medical & psychiatric) from Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore.

In 1996, Krishnan, who had become an ardent activist, was arrested–along with more than a dozen other activists–for protesting against the staging of the Miss World competition in Bangalore, her hometown.

This can have a disastrous effect on morale and productivity. The time has come for rigorous, high-profile policies that punish offenders. Looking at the larger picture can show some dark times ahead for women in the workplace — something that should be stopped sooner rather than later.

Forty-eight percent of men and 56% of women feel animosity towards the involved couple, and 39% of men and 37% of women see a fall off in productivity as the team splinters.

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In ancient India, there was a practice of the rich asking Nagarvadhu to sing and dance, noted in history as "brides of the town".

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During the period of Company rule by the British East India Company in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the British set up "comfort zones" for British troops wishing to make young girls and women into sex tools to satisfy the British soldiers who frequently set up their own prostitution rings.Her organization, Prajwala shelters rescued women and children and set up one of the largest rehabilitation homes in the country.

For most of the people who pay their bills on time, this parameter will not matter much, but you never know when you might get into a debt trap kind of situation where you start using your credit card to the maximum limit and pay the interest per month, at that point of time this factor will really matter.… continue reading »

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