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28-Nov-2017 20:13

Riders can also have the option to have their bodies painted at 11am, the riders will assemble at midday and the ride will start at 1pm.

The first world naked bike ride was held in Exeter in June 2011 when more than 40 cyclists rode down the city's High Street.

Well what we end up seeing is a lot of hot girls going topless, or even completley nude.

Since these type of shows have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, it was cool getting a behind the seen look of what network television would not show you.

He said: "We ride naked to illustrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road." YOU CAN FOLLOW OUR LIVE UPDATES FROM THE EVENT BELOW The naked bike ride takes place to raise awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists, to highlight the lack of facilities for cyclists, to oppose oil dependency, to support the use of sustainable transport, to endorse the joys of cycling and to promote body image and the joys of nudity.

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Eleanor Lister led the campaign to bring the event to Exeter after taking part in other cities across the country.