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Six-foot-five, with shoulders that can only be described as strapping, Hammer has smooth, golden skin and eyes the color of the Pacific Ocean.On this cool spring day, his flaxen hair is windswept, and his ridiculously chiseled jawline is dotted with stubble—the first sign that behind his polite, aristocratic veneer lurks a wildness.Earlier, Hammer's publicist had told me the 26-year-old would be "most comfortable" here, at the restaurant of the Sunset Marquis, in West Hollywood, but as he tosses his motorcycle helmet into the booth, happily chattering about the ride over on his Vespa ("I mean, it's about as badass as you can be while still riding a scooter"), a substitute for the motorcycle he dearly wants but that his wife of three years, Elizabeth Chambers, won't let him buy, it becomes obvious that this was a lie.Armie Hammer is not some Hollywood prig who feels at ease only in a designer hotel.That’s why when Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, do get the chance to sneak out they keep the conversation focused on themselves. You figure it out.” [From Us] I appreciate what Armie and Elizabeth are going for, to focus on each other because they were a couple before they were parents. The Mister and I leave the kids at home solely so we can talk about them and all the stupid things they do behind their backs.“We go to sushi, and we don’t talk about the kids, that’s the biggest thing,” Chambers, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly at the HFPA Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, August 2. I mean, all the books say we aren’t supposed to laugh at them to their faces, right?Then the following year she was also seen playing his role in Veronica Mars.2006 was also the same year he made his feature film debut and that was in the movie, Flicka.

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Six graves were left to hide the fact that one man lived to fight., which should generate many discussions involving Armie. Armie, who is the great-grandson of philanthropist Armand Hammer, is married to actress Elizabeth Chambers.